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Still Spinning: On Dance and the Creative Process

Jun 4, 2021

In this first episode in a short series exploring the impact of the pandemic on our field, we speak with artist-activist Sydnie L. Mosley about the radical act of rest. 

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Connect with Sydnie L. Mosley at, and on twitter & IG @sydmosley and @slmdances

You can read her Dance Magazine article here

You can learn more about the Nap Ministry, which we mention in the episode. 

Here is the Black Dance Stories Youtube, which Syndie mentions.

You can connect with Laura at @graceandsteelstudio


More Info About The Joyce. 




Thanks to Simon Kafka, the composer of our theme music, and the East West Quintet, who performed it. If you like it, you can purchase the song here. 

Thank you to photographer Carrie Schneider and choreographer Kyle Abraham for providing the photograph for our show image. The photo features dancer Tamisha Guy in Abraham's Dearest Home.